Have you ever encountered a situation when your child is bored? The day is too cold or rainy for the kids games in the yard, no friends around and you are too busy and lacking time to look for kids attractions or special indoor places for kids with some fun activities. These days you might feel guilty for not paying enough of attention to your toddler and you might look for easy and fun activities for kids at home. We have prepared some suggestions for the creative and independent indoor activities for kids that need just a little encouraging from you as a parent and that kids can mostly perform on their own:

1. Kids role games and friendship activities

Playing chefs and cooking

That has at all times been one of the favorite kids activities. There is a variety of play kitchens that can be bought for places for kids to play. But even without a play kitchen kid can get engaged into very imaginative games. Your toddler will need just a table and some paper plates to start playing. You can also draw a stove for him/her on a cardboard and put it on a table. Order some imaginative exotic meal from your child! He will love solving this “puzzle” and “cooking” the best for you. Kids can create imaginary meal from almost everything they find among their toys. Green cloth can serve as a leaf of salad and red plastic bottle lids can be strawberries for mum`s dessert.  

Playing home theatre 

Another wonderful free time activity for kids. Without the real stage they can be all they want! Use curtains or a blanket to hide them before their acting. Just name the role and theme and the kid will take his/her time to be imaginative.

Playing with kids playhouses

Indoor playhouses is one of the best friendship activities and role game settings for kids to have their games independently. Kids can do anything and be anything in the playhouse – from families to cafe games, beauty salons and police offices.

Indoor playhouses

More exciting things for toddlers to do

2. Kids playing sports and working out at home

For things to do with toddlers, physical activities for kids are never enough. The more movements, the better. But it does not mean you have to be there all the time. Show your kid first initial steps, first exercises and let him/her repeat. Encourage your child to do better than you and to think of some new work out tasks that he/she would show you after. Such small workouts can become fun things to do with kids at home and also make it a habit for a child.

kids playing sports

Even the simplest physical activities for preschoolers like running, rolling and jumping can be the great collector of the surplus energy they might have.

3. Indoor activities for kids – fun worksheets

For some quiet time drawing for kids like coloring worksheets for kids, sticker worksheets and drawing pages can be very useful. You don`t need to have a coloring book at home. Print out any theme coloring pages at any time. Choose a special theme for the particular day, like princess or explorers theme, and you can search for the theme coloring pages. However the most exciting solution for your toddler would be if you as a parent would sketch something that your child would love to color after. You can create your common piece of art this way and even to frame it if you feel like that.

fun worksheet

4. Toy box and the new old toys

Sorting out the toy box that has been forgotten for a while can become one of the activities to do with toddlers or he/she might do that on his/her own as well. Your child will always find it amusing to see the toys he/she has forgotten and most probably will involve them in some new surprising games. There is another good point to that – if your toddler finds part of the old toys not attractive anymore, you can always give them to a charity or make a gift for smaller kids of your friends.

toy box

5. Kids fun zone – dance, sing and laugh

Are you looking for some more things to do inside with kids? Dance or song contest! Put the favorite songs of your child on and let him/her do dance improvisations or singing along! Other kids or you can always be judges and put marks for the pieces performed. You can also choose a small prize for the best performer or the best performance if you feel like that.  

6. Unordinary indoor activities for kids

Once in a while let your child do something that you would not normally let happen indoors. This does not mean that it has to be something revolutionary and go against the main rules of your house. For instance, let them blow bubbles in the room or in the bathroom.  The fact that this happens indoors and is usually one of the outdoor summer activities for kids will make this fun event even more attractive to your child.  

Unordinary indoor activities for kids

7. Kids tasks as kids adventure

It is essential for a child to feel important, even if you do not have lots of free time at the particular moment to devote him/her. Use this in your advantage. Your toddler can help you a lot even with the smallest tasks. Ask him/her to choose and bring the most tasty bread for the lunch table, ask to count the spoons and see if everyone receives one. In many different ways you can involve your toddler in the work you are doing at home. You will have a helper and the child will forget about his boredom. Kids task can really become a kids adventure.

kids tasks and adventure

8. Easy activities for kids and time alone

After the active games your child might look for some time alone to rest or for games alone. We all need our time on our own. Let him/her hide  in the playhouse or rest in the bed, look for some easy activities for kids. Check if you have planned a corner to hide or quiet zone for your toddler in your living space. At this calm time you can offer your kid a book, even a fashion magazine that you use to read or your family photo album that your child has not seen.

Easy activities for kids

9. When looking for next indoor activities for kids

List of wishes let your child decide what he/she loves doing the most. When tired after games, you can encourage your child to draw or write a short list of fun activities for kids he/she loves doing the most. That can give you as a parent valuable tips on things to do with children the next day in his free time. Use the hints that your child gives you! In case the list consists of the things that can not be fulfilled at your house, indoors or in the nearest time, you might get an idea for his/her coming birthday the next celebration, weekend or holiday.

No matter what indoor activities for children you decide to go on with, make sure all the children activities are safe and it is some playful, educational and fun ideas. When short of time, encourage kids activities so that they can continue most of them individually, but not forget to appreciate the outcome of toddlers activities. Most of all notice that your child feels involved, loved and important, even if he/she plays alone and you continue doing your job at the work desk next to him.