Fully complected LiL HOUSE kids educational playhouse, size S


LiL HOUSE playhouse FULL set – an educational kids` play house made of birch plywood. It develops children`s creativity, communication, brain, fine motor and tactile skills like drawing on a chalkboard, modeling, tieing and knotting, learning colors, letters, numbers and clock.

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Wooden kids ` playhouse – Fully complected LiL HOUSE kids educational playhouse, size S

This LiL HOUSE Montessori educational playhouse is the FULL complected version of this house, S size. It includes both the house frame and all the basic add-on sets for the house.

LiL HOUSE Montessori educational playhouse provides kids with fun times playing, at the same time ensuring the first educational skills like learning colors, letters, numbers, shapes, clock, also tieing and knotting.

LiL HOUSE wooden kids playhouse consists of stackable parts which are easy to assemble without the need for additional tools. One can assemble the house in just a few minutes time by himself!

Each LiL HOUSE is sturdy enough to handle your children`s play time for years to come and it is guaranteed to bring out their artistic, creative and imaginative side!

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Main features of the product:


For 3 – 7 years old kids. Suited for 3 kids playing inside and for games outside.


  • packaged size:

inches: 2.4″ x 38.6″ x 44.1″
cm: 6cm x 98cm x 112cm

  • assembled size:

inches: 40.2 /W/ x 38.6 /D/ x 43.3 /H/
cm: 102 /W/ x 98 /D/ x 110 /H/


  • playhouse frame:
    • 4 stackable wall plates,
    • 2 stackable roof plates,
    • stackable flower and chalk boxes,
    • stackable window sill
  • playhouse accessory kits:
    • clock, 12 numbers + 2 indicators
    • alphabet /language on demand, please contact our team!/
    • numbers 1-10 and mathematical signs
    • theme shapes – mix theme, 25 pcs. total
    • colorful plugs, 100pcs. total


  • made in Northern EUROPE, Latvia
  • made from BIRCH plywood, covered with certified kids friendly paints and varnish
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY, non-toxic, sustainable and sturdy


  • easy and fast to assemble with NO TOOLS
  • can be assembled by one person just in 7 MIN time!
  • PORTABLE: indoor or outdoor use
  • PACKABLE and STOWABLE in most closets


  • for kids` fantasy, GAMES and communication
  • for kids` initial EDUCATION and skills
  • develops kids` FINE MOTOR SKILLS and tactile problem-solving ability
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: integrated fully functional chalkboard, learning colors,
    letters, numbers and clock, modeling, tying knots
  • PERSONALIZATION: create an individual look of the playhouse with a large choice of
    add-ons and accessories

Please note:

  1. LiL HOUSE playhouse has no floor. Always look for a stable and even base to station it on.
  2. The finish of the playhouse is intended for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. However we do not suggest to leave it in the bad weather circumstances and wet for the long period of time. You will find all the instructions in the package of the product.
  3. This LiL HOUSE playhouse contains all the basic add-ons and accessories. If you would like to buy additional sets, they can be ordered/purchased separately. Please see Accessories section in our product range.



  • 5 star review  “Playhouse - simple and compact, affordable, great haptic and logic learning and exploring space for toddlers”. - Timothy W. Ventimiglia, National Design Award of Latvia 2018 jury member, director of design agency "Ralph Appelbaum Associates" (RAA) Berlin office

    Olesja Jef Avatar Olesja Jef
  • positive review  Thank you for the beautiful gift!!! Will definetly order something in the future!!!

    Lelde Saulīte-Rozīte Avatar Lelde Saulīte-Rozīte
  • positive review  Ļoti interesantas, kvalitatīvas attīstošās rotaļlietas. 👍

    Andris Plūksna Avatar Andris Plūksna
  • positive review  Paldies! Mājiņa ērti saliekama un gatava rotaļām. Mūsu meitenes laimīgas 🙂

    Sigita Zālīte Avatar Sigita Zālīte
  • 5 star review  Li'l House is a team of wonderful product development and design experts, and their educational kids' furniture is a creative and innovative concept. I love to see that they value high quality and safety while using eco-friendly materials and focusing on attractive design.

    Valda Lāce Avatar Valda Lāce


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