LiL HOUSE Montessori wooden playhouse with chalkboard, L size

LiL HOUSE Montessori wooden playhouse with chalkboard, L size


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LiL HOUSE wooden playhouse, L size – an educational kids` playhouse made of high-quality birch plywood in Latvia, Northern Europe. It is designed to encourage quality time for families with young children allowing the whole family to play together indoor or outdoor!

Your child’s excitement is guaranteed as he/she will play in this natural and nice playhouse. The blue roof part is covered with the chalkboard paint for your child to develop his/her creativity by drawing and writing on it. This will develop kids fine motor skills too.

LiL HOUSE consists of stackable parts which are easy to assemble without the need for additional tools. Anyone can assemble the house in just a few minutes!

Each LiL HOUSE is sturdy enough to handle your children`s play time for years to come and it is guaranteed to bring out their artistic, creative and imaginative side!


  • play house /consists of disassembled 6 parts/
  • one roof part covered with chalkboard paint
  • window sill for the large window
  • flower box for the small window
  • wooden box for chalk

House consists of 4 walls, 2 roof parts. No floor.

SIZE for L house:

inches: 45.7 /W/ x 47.6 /D/ x 51.2 /H/
cm: 116 /W/ x 121cm /D/ x 130cm /H/


  • transparent kids friendly certified varnish for indoor/outdoor use
  • blue roof plane covered with chalkboard paint from both sides. You can turn the other side of this roof part if you want your house to look fresh and new and if one board side is worn out.


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1 review for LiL HOUSE Montessori wooden playhouse with chalkboard, L size

  1. Salestine Olds

    We love the playhouse. It is well made and it took us 20 minutes to put together. It is a gift for our granddaughter who is 5 yrs old.

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